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  • Taxonomic List | Ian Hearn

    Taxonomic List Black Swan Maned Duck Gadwall Pacific Black Duck Mallard Hardhead Indian Peafowl Australasian Grebe Oriental Turtle-Dove Red Collared-Dove Spotted Dove Eurasian Coot American Coot Austalasian Swamphen Pacific Golden-Plover Gray-headed Lapwing Red-wattled Lapwing Killdeer Temmink's Stint Little Pied Cormorant Gray Heron Great Egret Snowy Egret Cattle Egret Gray Heron Indian Pond-Heron Australasian Ibis Osprey Crested Serpant-Eagle Steppe Eagle Shikra Black Kite Swainson's Hawk Spotted Owlet Great Gray Owl Brown Boobook Common Kingfisher White-throated Kingfisher Chesnut-headed Bee-eater Blue-throated Barbet Alexandrine Parakeet Rose-ringed Parakeet Slaty-headed Parakeet Spotted Pardalote Black Drongo Ashy Drongo Indian Paradise-Flycatcher Brown Shike Long-tailed Shrike Gray-backed Shike Gray Treepie House Crow Large-billed Crow Coal Tit Himalayan Black-lored Tit Sand Lark Striated Prinia Zitting Cistacola Thick-billed Warbler Barn Swallow Welcome Swallow Red-rumped Swallow Red-vented Bulbul Himalayan Bulbul Hume's Warbler Indian White-eye Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler House Wren Chestnut-tailed Starling Common Myna Jungle Myna American Robin Dark-sided Flycatcher Oriental Magpie Robin Verditer Flycatcher Blue-throated Flycatcher Siberian Rubythroat Blue-fronted Redstart Hodgson's Redstart White-winged Redstart Blue-capped Rock-Thrush Siberian Stonechat Pied Buschat Crimson Sunbird Red Avadavat Scaly-breasted Munia Alpine Accentor Robin Accentor Eurasian Tree-Sparrow Gray Wagtail White Wagtail Paddyfield Pipit American Pipit White-winged Grosbeak Great Rosefinch Little Bunting Song Sparrow Red-winged Blackbird

  • Bio | Ian Hearn

    Bio Thank you for stopping by! I'm Ian Hearn, a photographer and college student based out of Idaho. I have been birding since I was six years old, and I began taking pictures of them not too long after. Birds are my favorite subject to photography, but I enjoy photographing anything in the outdoors. For my bird photos I use a Nikon D500 and a Nikon Nikkor 200-500 lens. You can contact me here . ​ But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee... Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this? ​ Job 12:7-9

  • Ian Hearn Photography

    Ian Hearn Photographer View Portfolio View Blog Recent Posts Winter Birding in Central Idaho During winter in Idaho, birds are often sparse, but birding can be rewarding. Species like Common Redpoll, Lapland Longspur, Snow... 506 views Birding on the 2021 Global Big Day The Global Big Day, in eBird’s words, is an annual celebration of the birds around us. Each year birders all over the world go outside... 110 views Birding and Backpacking in Karnali Pradesh Situated in the northwest of Nepal, the state of Karnali encompasses some of the most rugged territory in the country. It is much drier... 171 views Subscribe Subscribe Submit Subscription added ✓ Home About Contact Photos Birds Landscapes Blog Subscribe RSS Birding eBird Feed eBird Profile Search All photos © 2020 Ian Hearn

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